м.Динамо / Открыть карту г. Москва, ул. 8-го Марта дом 6А, стр. 1


    Rehabilitation center “Overcoming” — the first Russian specialized inpatient day and night European level clinic for the handicapped with severe movement and self-service restrictions due to spinal cord injuries, strokes, intracranial trauma (TBI), cerebral palsy (CP), multiple sclerosis (MS), orthopedic operations and trauma care.

    We accept patients who are 14 and older. First and second group Russian handicapped, according to the Russian Ministry of healthcare classification, who are constantly registered in Moscow, are able to reach our Center through budget funding.

    ·         The Center was opened in 2007 with the Moscow cities’ Government participation

    ·         The inpatient Center can accept up to 70 patients on an all-day basis at once

    ·         In 2010 an outdoor-polyclinic department was opened

    ·         Since 2012 mobile multipurpose brigades are organized

    ·         Day inpatient attendance is possible since 2015

    ·         The Centers’ high quality personnel has unique treatment experience:

    ·         5 neurologists

    ·         Therapist

    ·         2 PT physicians

    ·         Physiotherapist

    ·         2 urologists

    ·         1 neurourologist

    ·         Urologist-andrologist

    ·         Gynecologist

    ·         Surgeon

    ·         Cardiologist

    ·         X-ray doctor

    ·         Functional diagnosis physician

    ·         Psychotherapist

    ·         Psychologist

    ·         Clinical psychologist

    ·         Neuropsychologist

    ·         Speech therapist (SLP)

    ·         Radiologist

    ·         X-ray lab assistant

    ·         16 PT methodology instructors

    ·         2 hydrokinetic instructors

    ·         Gym instructor

    ·         2 ergo therapists

    ·         2 social domestic adaptation instructors

    ·         2 robotic rehabilitation instructors

    ·         6 masseurs

    ·         Osteopath

    ·         Chiropractor

    ·         Acupuncturist

    ·         Social rehabilitation specialist

    ·         3 physiotherapeutic nurses

    ·         Functional diagnosis nurse

    ·         Procedural nurse

    ·         12 ward nurses

    ·         21 ward male nurses

    ·         Sports organizer

    ·         Technical aids repairs engineer


    Head doctor is Bushkov Fedor Anatolievich:

    -PhD, PT and sports medicine physician

    -Experienced neurological illnesses patients, orthopedic operations and trauma care consequences doctor

    -EU certified chiropractor and PT physician

    -17 years of medical experience

    -World famous rehabilitation Center (Israel “Sheba Medical Center”, German Munich “Harlaching” and ”Atos”, Italian Bologna “IsoKinetic”) internship


    Our Center is the first to apply the multipurpose brigade principal in Russia. This principal helps thoroughly asses the patient, severity of his condition and set goals for his rehabilitation. For the individual rehabilitation program drafting to include all individual conditions the patient is examined by a group of specialists, including: a neurologist, a PT physician, a therapist, a surgeon, a urologist, a physiotherapist and a psychiatrist. During rehabilitation the patients’ state dynamics is assessed on a daily basis and his individual rehabilitation program is promptly corrected. The Center provides all day care, including individual, if needed.


    For the patients’ comfort and convenience, the Center “Overcoming” offers:

    ·         1, 2, 3 and 4 person wards with functional beds and spacious, completely equipped lavatory for wheelchair users

    ·         The wards are equipped with an intercom with the nurse station with alert buttons, telephone, TV, fridge, safe and a conditioner

    ·         Cozy café

    ·         Pharmacy

    ·         Beauty salon

    ·         Kiosk where patients are able to order essential goods

    ·         Winter garden

    ·         Cinema with a karaoke

    ·         An ATM and a terminal for mobile phone payments

    ·         Vans with lifts

    ·         Renting and wheelchair repair

    ·         Showroom with rehabilitation equipment and care products


    In the evenings and during the weekends our Center holds different creative master-classes, concerts, sport curriculum and competitions in: foosball, pool, bocce, bench press, arm-wrestling, darts and novus; three times a week patients, using special transport, attend exhibitions, theater performances, cinemas, oceanariums, planetarium, different cities’ events, festivals and marathons.